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1. I like the way 2008 is going. I woke up New Years Day (just a little groggy) to find my first-ever newspaper book review in the Philly Inquirer, and tonight I am very proud to have written a short article about Pakistan and USA television news coverage for the Huffington Post. The headline is ‘Inanity Still Rules The Airwaves‘.

I’m especially thrilled about this because I have long wanted to write about political issues, and have even been “practicing” on a not-very-well-publicized political blog, which I call The Cherry Orchard. I find political writing much more hazardous than literary criticism or creative writing, but the ideas I want to express feel very important to me. That’s why I’m honestly very pleased that the Huffington Post (which is, in my opinion, the most lively source of raw up-to-the-nanosecond political news and analysis available, and is the first place I always check when I want to know what’s going on) considers a few paragraphs of my political pontification worth publishing. Okay, enough of me blubbering about this; please go check me out mouthing off about Pervez Musharraf and American television journalism and tell me what you think.

2. Fish gotta swim, bloggers gotta blog. Countless fans of the exemplary literary analyst Ed Champion are glad to see that he has resurrected his blog, which is now going by the name Filthy Habits. Indeed.

3. Poets: our Action Poetry section will be back in action this week.

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  1. Good article on the Bhutto
    Good article on the Bhutto assasination. Why, if Woodward and Bernstein knew about what was going on in journalism today, they’d be turning…

    Wait a minute, they’re still alive, and they have bought into this whole thing as far as I can tell.

    The only time the American press gets worked up about something is if there is some kind of mass food contamination, if a celebrity melts down, or if there is a new “threat” to the public health announced by scientists (coffee causes brain cancer, too-tight jogging shorts cause alzheimer’s, too much triglyceride makes the baby go blind). I don’t know if they are all just putting in their time, not making waves, and doing what the boss (Rupert) tells them to do so they can cash their big paychecks and someday retire to a big McMansion by the shore, or if they are really as moronic and insipid as they appear. But it is truly a shame what has happened to the press in this country only 30-some years since Watergate. If the lapdog fits, wear it.

  2. Great piece in the Huffington
    Great piece in the Huffington Post, Levi.

    Network news is still good for catching up on all those drug side effects listed during the 37 pharmaceutical commercials aired per hour of news.

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