Literary Holiday Shopping Guide for 2007

So, apparently it is time to buy things for other people? Something like that? Here are some interesting and (mostly) literature- and writing-related gift ideas that you can keep in mind as you scour the internet for gifts. (Do people even go to the mall anymore?) They all go well with fruitcake. Enjoy.

— It is a notebook. It is a journal. It is Froot Loops. (I have to love it; I live less than 50 miles from Kellogg’s.) The Junior Mints version is pretty cool too, if you’re like me and giggle about Kramer dropping a Junior Mint into that dude getting surgery during that one episode of Seinfeld, or if, you know, you like Junior Mints. Some other cool journals: A Reader’s Journal, if you are into tracking what you read, and my favorite — a journal made out of recycled card catalog cards.

— Also from Etsy: My book club can beat up your book club. I really like this. Now all I have to do is join a book club.

Slang flashcards. For when Urban Dictionary isn’t enough.

— Need your books to stop falling over (or know someone who does)? How about some bookends? Not just any bookends. Thurber’s dog bookends.

— Never underestimate the power of a really cool pen.

— This kind of freaks me out, but it’s a pen holder.

— How could you go wrong with a librarian action figure? I ask you.

— Keep they’re/their/there straight, even if you constantly have to check your shirt. And I don’t know how literary this is, but maybe you should get this t-shirt for the hipster on your list.

— Who doesn’t love stickers? Shut up, Holden. (Amen.) Or Only YOU can prevent comma splices! (Do your part.) Or Prufrock is my homeboy. (In a minute there is time to stick this on your car.)

— Does this count as an homage to Oscar Wilde? I think so, yes.

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  1. I want the librarian action
    I want the librarian action figure. But I don’t know if she would get along with my Oscar Wilde action figure.

    Michael, is that true about Poe? I was thinking, you know what would go well with a pen-pierced palm? A ribcage with a slot to hold my letter opener!

  2. Bill, I think for you a
    Bill, I think for you a Tell-Tale Heart alarm clock would be just the thing for the top of your writing desk. It would go nicely next to the Pit and the Pendulum letter opener. Good God, it’s a Poe Christmas!

  3. I wonder if all the Poes hang
    I wonder if all the Poes hang out at Poe Road which is up on Mobray Mountain near here… It’s all good. I went and saw Poe’s grave around Baltimore once with my Mom. I know someone who may be related to Poe around here too. She’s a wife of a friend of mine.

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