1. A month ago some illegal prescription drug spammers managed to temporarily display their links on a Litkicks page, resulting in the entire site being temporarily banned from Google. I’ve been attempting to communicate with Google about this for a month now, but all they will do is “accept my reconsideration requests”. I have not received a response from them yet.

I know Google is under no obligation to index, but the search engine has been happily sharing my content since the day it went online, and I wish the company treated its longtime sites with more respect. I don’t mean to be all uppity about how great my website is, but the fact is Literary Kicks goes way back. Readers care about this content, and this content belongs on Google.

If anybody out there has any suggestions for how I can get this problem solved more quickly, please email me or post a comment. Thanks.

2. Unlike apparently everybody else, I don’t give a damn about the new James Bond novel by Sebastian Faulk as John Banville as Benjamin Black as Ian Fleming. And I already have a Matchbox car.

3. I also don’t give a damn about Borders’ new Magic Shelf. Just put a good book on a shelf and I’ll call that magic.

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  1. LitKicks goes back further
    LitKicks goes back further than 1998. Heck, I started pestering you with email before there was a Windows95!

    I know this will sound totally Stone Age and all – but have you tried calling Google?

  2. Americans love victims of
    Americans love victims of corporations. Post a clever video on You-tube. “The Wild West with its Hole in the Wall Gang and the Dalton Brothers [insert photo montages] is the world wide web of ’08.”
    You could have a steam locomotive [Google] approaching a damsel tied to railroad tracks just tied up by men in blacks, ie, illegal prescription drug spammers. [Litkicks victimized by spammers!]
    “Before the West was tamed, there were vigilantes
    [lynching clip from the film The Oxbow Incident], but eventually US Marshals established law and order throughout the USA.” [Scenes of normal life.]
    “The World wide Web is still waiting for a sheriff.” Now there could be a series of goose-stepping fascisti with Google across their chests. “Different films have developed different methods for protecting their doamins.” Cut to scene from Marathon Man where Laurence O’Livier is interrogating Dustin Hoffman–with a Litkicks logo on Hoffman’s chest–via dental methods.
    Now you could have a concise explanation of your situation in mixed media.
    But, as Cal Godot said, it might be easiest to give them a call, unless you’ve already done that.
    Good luck.

  3. I’ve heard from other people
    I’ve heard from other people with similar problems. The bottom line is, Google doesn’t give a fuck about you or anyone else, unless maybe you have millions to invest with them. You could go back to PDP8 with them. Doesn’t matter.

    Sorry to sound negative; just realistic.

    As another poster suggested, if you call Google (!) and can even talk to someone, please let us know about the miracle. Can you even get a phone number?

  4. I don’t care about the James
    I don’t care about the James Bond books either, but for some reason they fascinate the British people, much more than they do Americans.

    Benjamin Black? How lame.

  5. Someone needs to set Google
    Someone needs to set Google straight. Spammers on your site are not your fault. You have done your best to remove them. I was wondering why only came up second hand. I wish there was a way to totally block spammars and hackers of any kind. Hope your site gets back
    full throttle soon as possible.

  6. “Hello Adsense? Yes, I’d
    “Hello Adsense? Yes, I’d like to sign on. One detail, I have to be put back on index”

    I’d guess that’d work.

  7. Update, and partial good
    Update, and partial good news: some people have responded to my call for help (here and on the Google webmasters forum) and I have now finally found the hidden code that was causing the prescription drug spam. I’ve fixed it on the site, and now I’m waiting for Google to remove the block. I will send another update once the ordeal is all over.

  8. Good news.

    I really hate
    Good news.

    I really hate these creepy sociopaths that do such things. Someone obviously has a great deal of computer knowledge and understanding if they can come up with ways to embed hidden code on websites and use it to do what they do.

    Why don’t they use their ability and knowledge for legitimate purpose?

    A number of years ago I found a hard drive filling up mysteriously. Why was this happening? There were no obvious reasons. I found utilities that showed file distributions and found there were huge files buried in normally hidden or non-user used regions of the drive. They were movie files, compacted and divvied up in to a lot of different files. Removing them was a problem because the directory paths were altered in such a way that navigating in windows led to a purposely corrupt directory and the computer would freeze by just clicking on that directory. This occurred in command line as well.

    I got around with by a multiple path command which allowed the system to bypass the corrupt directory.

    This was quite a learning experience to find this and work out how to get rid of the stuff.

    What struck me is that this German pirate hacker group knew more about Windows and how to exploit it than Microsoft themselves. Whomever came up with this system to stealthily store these files could have used that same knowledge to do something positive that would probably even make some good money.

  9. Looks like Google has
    Looks like Google has reindexed the site today, I’m seeing over 1600 pages for the site. That’s good news, looks like the reconsideration request went through.

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