Hitchhiking With Vanessa

“A small crowd gathered around the dumpster in the rain. Word filtered back that the girl was a teenage hitchhiker. I remember thinking that it could be me, because I was also a teenage hitchhiker.”

That’s Vanessa Veselka, up-and-coming novelist and Litkicks favorite, telling a harrowing true story about a past run-in with a serial killer in the pages of the latest (November 2012) GQ magazine. GQ doesn’t seem to have the story online (have they heard that Newsweek is going all-digital? GQ may want to update its content strategy) but it’s worth seeking out. We’re glad Vanessa Veselka is being more careful (we think) about her personal safety today.

UPDATE: The full article is now available online!

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  1. Well I’ve spent all day (so
    Well I’ve spent all day (so far) on your site after running across it because at some other point I had bookmarked it earlier. Now, a few hours later, I am hoping to forget the fascination – f’rinstance, reading about the origins of how it came to be which I was NOT going to read because <#snore> (I thought) turned out to be “veeellly intellesting.”
    If only I as a writer can live up to the juiciness of it all. I earlier read your review of ‘Zazen’ and will obtain it in some way. (Library I hope: I have attempted to cull my own library many times and cannot as I need the books I have, and can’t imagine not needing them (mostly poetry and history, art & Western magical traditions, books on physics, dictionaries of rhyme and word roots, these necessary things don’t come with their own shelf space!). Anyway thanks! I was afraid your site was defunct when I looked at some of the dates: hooray for us. Got stuck on some Beats as my teacher is one. I digress. Thanks again. I am a fan of the printed page without being e-averse. I have a Frank Zappa outlook towards posterity: asked how he would like to be remembered, he said it wasn’t important.

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