Hunter S. Thompson: Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Flying Dog Ales has placed a golden ticket in one of its containers. The ticket is good for two round-trip tickets to the August 20th Hunter S. Thompson Memorial celebration in Woody Creek.

Here’s what Flying Dog’s website said:

A golden ticket has been placed, ‘willie-wonka style’, inside one of containers. The ticket is an invitation for two to Hunter Thompson’s memorial at Owl Farm in Woody Creek, Colorado on Aug 20. You and a friend could be joining Hunter’s inner circle, including Willie Wonka himself, aka Johnny Depp, to witness Dr. Gonzo’s final departure from the business end of a cannon! The prize includes round trip airfares from anywhere in the continental US, two nights accommodation and transportation to and from the memorial.

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  1. that’s a cool promotion
    that’s a cool promotion …

    … but aren’t they supposed to have five winners, each with specific personality disorders, except for the one who turns out to be perfect? Maybe the next step is to turn this into a reality show competition.

  2. I remember whenWhen Flying
    I remember when

    When Flying Dog Ale first hit the shelves, I recognized the artwork by Ralph Steadman on the cans right away. Not the best ale I ever quaffed but then, everyone has different tastes.

    Oh, and “Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride” – what a great tag-line because that’s a Thompson quote.

  3. I don’t know, man….Sounds
    I don’t know, man….

    Sounds creepy. The prize is a ticket to a dead man’s send off? I think Hunter would call this a dirty business being run by heathens and swine. I want no part.

    “we are, after all, professionals”

  4. You should go just to cover
    You should go just to cover the story, yab. Bring us back the lowdown on the whole grisly extravaganza.

  5. bill, i have read all that i
    bill, i have read all that i have found written by HST. i would not want to be at his send off.

    perhaps, my brother, i have read to deep. When i die, i hope no person, animal, or alien shows up for such a boring event.

    your brother in struggle,

  6. Actually, the shindig/cannon
    Actually, the shindig/cannon send-off was HST’s idea and was documented in The Omnibus documentary from ’79 or ’80. The golden ticket idea is all Flying Dog/Depp/Steadman.

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