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Here at LitKicks we often talk about literary genres of the past as well as relevant scenes and trends in writing today. Many say that the writing coming from the internet age is an important and influential scene in itself. Of course, we tend to agree. With that in mind, Josh (slog) posed the following questions:

“Do you think LitKicks has a flavor? Is post-beat a word? Post-Modern? Transgressive? Modern? Retro daydreamers? Can you label us as a whole and more importantly, do you think that label would stick?”

What do you think? Is there a label or name that fits in this case? If so, what would it be?

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  1. no flavour, but it’s
    no flavour, but it’s served

    tall pewter dish
    creamy texture
    perfect temperature
    may have nuts
    or knots
    chocolate or mocha
    chips on shoulder
    or drips melting over the edge

    the counter’s always clean
    and the stools swivel

    sometimes you can spend a few days
    other times its a revolving door
    and dizzy is the juke box tune

    the flavour is indescribable
    and irresistable

  2. Now With 40% More LitKicks
    Now With 40% More LitKicks Flavor!

    And what is that LitKicks flavor?

    Bacon, obviously.

    But no matter how much I wish it might, I don’t know whether or not bacon counts as a genre. Though I think it can, obviously. I mean, bacon. Come on.

    I guess I think that perhaps there’s more of a unity amongst the writers than an overarching theme to the writing itself, if that makes sense. And I think the unity stems from the fact that the vast majority of writers here are unknown by the big bad publishing world, yet are still driven to create and share. Because there has to be some way to get writing out there, and obviously the New Yorker doesn’t give a damn about anything that’s even remotely interesting.

    As an example.

    Or maybe Bac-Os.

    One or the other.

  3. Literature in the
    Literature in the Round

    “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet;”


  4. Liquidthe mellow taste of

    the mellow taste of rain
    singing of mountain streamlets
    more often oceanic: the foamy-white tops of the
    waves, rolling, linked, calling, memorizing, particle dance
    murmuring at night, talking ’bout lives that were
    and will be, spilling at sunny beaches, waking in
    silent unseen vastness, comprising new dreams of
    new beings, sundown, sunrise, consciously covering
    the deep inheritance, but softly caring, caressing the surface,
    loud and oh so still at times as well, knowing like night
    liquid like in dreams and rivers, muddy tiptoes
    liquid like in trancy quicksilver, tellurized new shores and
    advents, liquid like in trajectories of distant stars that breed
    new minds, accepting, coloring, patient, a chance
    for flowing, liquid, a smell, a touch, a sentiment,
    liquid wild
    lingering transcendence
    suspense and hopes

    and sometimes
    the air, the sky,
    hot snaky soil
    the distance
    wailing flavor

    Certainly not post-something, especially not post-Beat (if this can exist at all)
    sometimes the flavor You feel when suddenly listening to a megafog

    or find a flavor/label for the impression You get from the cover
    of Action Poetry…all
    hungry searching
    what was it for Jamelah ?

  5. Pizza Toppings for the
    Pizza Toppings for the Internet Age

    1. For a real label, I’m thinking either Web Lit, Net Lit, Cyber Lit, Net Beats, Web Lit Tribes, something like that, because this generation has to be the first one in which a writer could conceivably start out, grow, and publish on the internet. There are certain characteristics of literature on the internet that didn’t exist before. Maybe even nick the word Burroughs liked: Interzone.

    2. For a food, I would say pizza. That’s my favorite food. You’ve got your three basics: dough, sauce, & cheese. I haven’t decided which topping represents Levi, Jamelah, or Firecracker. But then, on top of that, all of us who contribute are an unlimited variety of topping.

  6. Tappers of the Cyber
    Tappers of the Cyber Action…blastin’ through
    endless waves of cyber grace!

  7. Bringing home the bacon on
    Bringing home the bacon on endless waves of cyber grace is sounding better all the time.

  8. What We Need is a CriticAll
    What We Need is a Critic

    All throughout the history of art and literature it was the critic who coined the phrase that defined a movement. What we need is a journalist to jump on the Cyber Space Rage we have been layin’ down round here for ever so long, cause we be way past Beat, I mean can’t ya feel the heat, my keyboards been sizzlin’ and I’m smellin’ bacon, pure chancha.

  9. A large pizza with everything
    A large pizza with everything including anchovies. What we have here is cyber rage in the internet age and we are cookin’ Mr. King. How’s it doin’ tonite my friend? I’m listenin’ to J.J. Cale and gettin’ wired.

  10. Yes, Bacon’s ‘Idols of the
    Yes, Bacon’s ‘Idols of the Cave’ come to mind. Oh wait, that is meta-meat.

  11. labelsYou don’t have to be a

    You don’t have to be a journalist to assign labels, here are some:

    . an icecream (sure, I will expect for dulce de leche & lemon, but fortunately there are all the flavors)

    . a fresh air deriva

    . a beautiful mistake

  12. taste test:(one last pull on
    taste test:

    (one last pull on the bottle,

    for old time’s sake.)


    What’s the flavor? microwave
    lasagna, flash-frozen (pause
    for the camera,) T minus
    fifteen minutes
    to make an overdone
    mess. That’s all I know how
    to cook these days, anyways,
    my mother never taught me
    how to bake like Plath,
    or how to pour a drink
    like Dylan Thomas.
    I’m not sure what
    Ginsberg was into cookin’,
    but we all know about
    Burroughs, don’t we?
    I’ve been told the Eskimos
    eat meat raw, slabs of fat–
    and the New Guineans like
    to call us westerners,
    “juicy pigs”. We certainly
    squeal that way, don’t we–
    I understand that
    Christians eat
    Christ, and that the
    Jainists won’t touch
    anything after dark
    for fear of accidentally
    swallowing a gnat.
    In my part of town,
    nobody thinks that much
    about what they put into ’em–
    make it cheap and fast,
    add a lot of sugar and a dash
    of caffeine, and they’ll suck
    anything down. I’m no different.
    A nice plump pig at the trough,
    a rat in bucket of garbage.
    What’s the flavor of an American dream?
    Check the gutter in New Orleans.
    Let’s hit the road, Jack–
    there’s a burger joint up ahead,
    on Route 66,
    there’s also a diner with wonderful
    pie, and they’ll put it right in your
    face, Jack, mud-pie for everybody
    sliding off Big Sur into the Pacific
    sunset, what’s the flavor of twilight,
    how do you eat the stars
    and the serpent of darkness?
    What’s the flavor of your own
    rattle-tail? Grind it out
    with your boot on the pavement
    and walk away, tasting
    the rain that’s about to fall.

  13. I Don’t KnowI never really
    I Don’t Know

    I never really thought about grouping people in the today; it has always seem easier to do in the yesterday. Although when i was a punk, I guess I thought of myself as part of a movement, of sorts. But it wasn’t long before I realized it was the partying that attracted me to it.

    This internet collaborative writing thing certainly feels more like a party to me than a movement. I think Action Poetry was probably closest to being a movement, or group, or something.

    Maybe it is the Action Poetry Age?

  14. in a wordpermamentnosing out
    in a word


    nosing out the shadow of change

    embracing all the same


  15. A Label for TodayI think a
    A Label for Today

    I think a label could be chosen and would stick to all of this writing business we’re doing here on the ‘net.

    The label of course wouldn’t describe all of the writing that’s taking place at this time, but it could be associated with the characteristics of writing on the ‘net, and the current phase of the English language that we’re in, etc. Characteristics of the action poetry-ish era would be references to Wham! and food groups; writing in first person, and the sickest slang.

    Since no food or words or language-fest will ever move me like music, I choose to make tonight’s label (drumroll & passing the envelope) …

    “Jamiroquai” -in honor of my favorite stuff that seems to have dropped off the planet.


  16. neo-beat.netWhen your

    When your correspondent typed in “neo-beat.net”, he received:
    We didn’t find any Web pages matching the following criteria:
    Containing this query term: neo-beat.net

    fresh starts every day
    beginnings 24/7
    new year’s 3-6-5

    Your poster remembers a 1967 newspaper photo of a San Francisco ceremonial funeral for the hippie with longhaired pallbearers carrying a coffin. H.S. Thompson said in his 1960s article “The Hippies” that when mainstream media covers the absolute-latest-newest, it isn’t anymore.

    Your correspondent first heard the contemporary term punk in the pages of Newsweek in the mid-70s. By then, music industry suits had pre-packaged it as New Wave and remembers shortly thereafter hearing “Take Me To The River” by the Talking Heads and The Police’s “Roxanne” on central Minnesota Top 40 radio, which still played country and some polka during the day. Punk was a reaction then; and now that it’s mainstream, is retro-punk, post-punk, rap-punk or however the product–which used to be called music–is being positioned or marketed.

    “Post-“, “retro”, and “modern” are cliched, and cliches should be avoided as Orwell very well advised.

    neo-beat.net suits this place well as evidenced here by today’s suave raw-flesh fresh postings.

  17. Soup’s On!”Do you think
    Soup’s On!

    “Do you think LitKicks has a flavor?

    Yes! It is a hodgepodge of flavors perfectly seasoned. My Mom used to have an expression when finances were tight. She made “Rock Soup” which was prepared by simply throwing leftovers and anything edible in the pot. If unexpected guests dropped in at meal time, her response, “no problem we’ll just throw another rock in the soup.”

    I specifically like that on this site we are a mixed up lot, from young to old, philosophically, spiritually, nonspiritual, free thinkers, up-tighters, ethnically, culturally, linguistically, geographically. This mix creates a unique flavor: Call it soup, and if anyone new shows up, well we can always use another rock in the pot!

    Is post-beat a word? Post-Modern? Transgressive? Modern? Retro daydreamers? Can you label us as a whole and more importantly, do you think that label would stick?”

    What do you think? Is there a label or name that fits in this case? If so, what would it be?

    I’m not too up with labels, of course they are handy tools when one needs to sum up something in a unique, descriptive way. I think because the members here are so diverse, it would be next to impossible to label the whole lot and make it stick. That’s a good thing. So, sorry, I can’t come up with anything unique and designing catch phrases has never been my strong point. I rather like the name of this site as being descriptive as to the common thread we have, we get our kicks out of written words decorating pages. Pure Art.

  18. Well, Bob Holman said that
    Well, Bob Holman said that LitKicks has “found a new way to make an anthology open, free, and eternally interesting.” So how about freeopen? Or Open Web?

  19. hmmmmm. . .Is that like
    hmmmmm. . .

    Is that like permafrost? Because I think that would be a good label for LitKicks.

    I can see it now — LitKicks, we’re kind of like permafrost!

    Yep, a good label indeed.

  20. I can help you with
    I can help you with “deriva”:

    deriva, f. drift, deviation off course

    To see the word deriva in some cotext, you can read the song “El jangadero”, the author -I think- it

  21. you should check out
    you should check out Baconmania.com, a site dedicated to baconophiliacs, with pictures, stories of bacon chowing festivals, and even a poem in honor of pig meat cut thin enough for greasy breakfast morsels. Interestingly enough no mention of the BLT though, a serious oversight if you ask me.

  22. Post-BeatI like the

    I like the hype/flavor of “Post-Beat”. If it is not a word, I would like to use it as slang and declare “Post-Beat” part of the lexicon. We take up the tail-end of the last fifty years. So it fits. I met some of the principals and am declaring “Post-Beat” to you. Yes, kind folks and gentle people: The “Post-Beat New Age” has begun.

    All you have to do is post the page, and wax sage.

  23. Ya know if I could pin it
    Ya know if I could pin it down I’d call it “Action Poets”, plain and simple, all spiced and seasoned for sure, and as a matter of fact it is my religion.

  24. Mixin’ in the IngredientsI
    Mixin’ in the Ingredients

    I guess the thing is, are we a movement..can you label us? If someone stuck us all in a room, they would notice how different we all are, but we have that writing thing in common. So some journalist or old cultural studies professor or passerby author would come up with some snappy label for us, to throw to society or the presses. I would not say Beat-worshippers though, that would be a bit much. And post-Beat is a great word yet the Beat movement was in the past.. but still, many are still influenced by it.

    The LitKicks crew would inevitably be called Retro Funky Stylistic Writers. Some would protest this, but few would deny. Actually I don’t like labels too much; I don’t know what we would be called.

    To conclude, LitKicks is a stew –light and chunky with spices from six continents filled with words, and every emotion. The differences may be an acquired taste to those new to it. But, all the same, that’s what makes it taste good.

  25. the first and last post-beat
    the first and last post-beat poem

    We tried to open a digital hole in the past
    With words and sick baud rates
    And dog-eared books as chisels.
    We stomped on ourselves, and others
    For interfering with the myths and the magicians who made ’em.
    Kerouac died in his sleep so he did.
    Ginsberg died in his sleep so he did.
    I will die in my sleep so I will.

  26. I tend to agree about
    I tend to agree about labels…I don’t know why we need them? Labels are restricting and confining, it’s just another way to make people comform to the rules and ‘the system’ My favorite part of Litkicks was the spontaneity and freedom of expression!

  27. You Know Those……Chiquita
    You Know Those…

    …Chiquita banana labels? yeah, that’s an appropriate label, I think.

    As far as flavour, I’d have to say LitKicks is a pungent and precocious gold. With a sprinkle of brother/sister-hood. And a fuckin’ cherry on top.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must away to my petunia garden.

  28. I thought this was about
    I thought this was about “flavor of the week.”

    What the hell is flavour? Is that like flavour flave?

    Davey’s confused.

  29. The sooner you fucking
    The sooner you fucking Americans learn how to spell nice and proper, the sooner we can just get on with our whole Canadian-American love-orgy. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    Hold on…do you spell “wouldn’t” with no “U”???? Do you spell love with a goddamn capital “hate”??

    Anyhow, I’m glad to see you.

  30. No more movements…The
    No more movements…

    The Internet is not a fitting movement in literature. Furthermore, it has drastically reduced the chances of there being any such movement in the western world again.

    Had I followed my heart to an MA in literature, instead of my head to a JD in law, I would have written my thesis on this very subject.

    One of the things that I found most intriguing about the modern and beat movements was the difficulty that the individual authors had getting published. There was a constant struggle to find acceptance among the “legitimate” publications of the day. Though they maintained their own publications, and became editors throughout the industry, many of these authors did not receive critical acclaim, or wide spread acceptance, until they got into the pages of the “cultural elite”… the mainstream magazines.

    This struggle proved to be a testing ground. Though they purported to bring a new style, a new life, to literature, they still craved validation by the institutions they sought to overthrow. They wanted to be passed the torch, not to wrest it from their predecessors.

    The Internet has eliminated this testing ground. People can post/publish their work all over the place. While some sites have and use professional editors, the vast majority do not. There is no longer a standard against which works are judged. No guardians at the gates, and no sages waiting to pass down their torch.

    The instant access to, and distribution of, the new myriad of styles has had the general affect of diluting literature. There is too much out there, all at once. Literature is no longer forged in the dialectic of the editing rooms … it is spewed, wholesale, simultaneously, from the mouths and hands of thousands … millions even.

    Where does Litkicks stand in this miasma? I found the site through my interest in the Beats. I kept coming back because of the nuggets of gold that could be found after sifting through the forums/boards. I don’t think that the site does any more harm than the Internet as a whole, but I also feel that without more self-restraint the internet generation will have no chance of formulating a meaningful literary movement.

    This implicates the question: Are literary movements necessary or even good at all? A question I am not looking to answer here and now.

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