The Beats In Film

This is a list of all the films I can think of with any sort of substantial connection to the Beat writers. Some of the connections are obvious, others subtle; some connections exist perhaps only in my own mind.

NOTE: I'm afraid I've fallen far behind in adding stuff to this page. Since the web has taken over my life I really don't have much time to rent videos, and I don't like to write about films I haven't seen. Among the films I know I'm delinquent on covering here: "Chappaqua", "Shadows," "Buckets of Blood," "Home of the Brave," etc. etc. Someday I'll get to all of this, I promise!

Films By The Beats

Documentaries About The Beats

Dramatic Films About The Beats

Films Based on Beat or Beat-related Novels

Films With Beat Appearances

Tangential Beat Connections

TV Episodes

Other Connections

Any film by James Dean or Marlon Brando, especially 'Rebel Without A Cause' (Dean) or 'The Wild One' (Brando) is beat-related.

I occassionally get mail asking about the status of the Francis Ford Coppola film of 'On The Road,' which I auditioned for in February 1995. As of June 1997 the project is still in cold storage; Coppola has not actually announced that he has abandoned it, but it seems doubtful that the film will get made in the near future. Check my Beat News page for future updates, if there are any.

Finally, one of the best collections of original Beat-related films and documentaries for sale is at Mystic Fire Videos. Among the available films are "Fried Shoes, Cooked Diamonds," a documentary about a Beat gathering at the Naropa Institute, and a number of experimental works by William S. Burroughs. Hard-to-find videos like "Pull My Daisy" are also available at online Beat bookstores like Water Row and Fog City Fact and Fiction.

I hope to write more about many more Beat films when I finally find some free time!

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