Come to New York City on July 21 for ...

Representing beat literature, technology art, spoken-word poetry, web hypertext/fiction and many other things from Theater of the Absurd to haiku ... featuring performances and visits by ...

David Alexander shock of a feather, double truth on the second level
David Amram renowned jazz composer, pull my daisy
Levi Asher literary kicks, queensboro ballads,
John Cassady visions of his father neal
Marie Countryman vermont subterranean
Breath Cox cherry valley poet
Christian Crumlish enterzone, the dead beat, only way free
Galinsky go poetry, pseudo
John Grady relix, straight people suck
Leslie Harpold creator of smug webzine
Brian Hassett canadian poet & prankster
Richard Hell weather, go now, voidoid, love comes in spurts
Bob Holman poetry guide, united states of poetry, inventor of the poetry slam
Aaron Howard st. louis subterranean
Birgitta Jonsdottir icelandic web artist, womb of creation
Toby Kasavan avant-garde jazz, theory of everything
Eliot Katz new jersey poet, unlocking the exits
Xander Mellish short stories and cartoons, five george washingtons
Briggs Nisbet geography poet from california
Charles Plymell robbing the pillars, last of the mocassins, fuckface
Lee Ranaldo dirty windows, bookstore, road movies, sonic youth
Walter Raubicheck haiku poet
Greg Severance bulldog breath
Herschel Silverman beat poet from bayonne, poems forged in a forest of words
Daniel Srebnick jazz saxophonist
Mark Thomas creator of sorabji web space
Cor van den Heuvel editor, norton haiku anthology
Robert Burke Warren songwriter and folkadelic performer
Ron Whitehead beaver dam rocking chair marathon,i will not bow down
Meg Wise-Lawrence acorn mush, staccato, pre-raphaelites
Phil Zampino changes to blind, notes from underground, squidco

Featuring the Mighty Manatees
Production by Brian Hassett/Spirit Productions

Also celebrating the publication of Rolling Stone Book of the Beats
The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street, New York City
July 21, 1999

Write to or call 917 613 7454 for more information
$5 admission at the door

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