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Live poetry readings are an important part of LitKicks. We bring together poets and fiction writers who post to our boards as well as special guests and visiting musicians. We've been honored to hear from some really amazing personalities at past LitKicks readings, such as David Amram, Bob Holman, Richard Hell, Lee Ranaldo, Nicole Blackman, John S. Hall and (in his live performance debut) John Cassady. Many LitKicks poets have also performed at our readings, which are open to beginners as well as experienced performers.

Here are the reports from a few of our most notable past excesses. Click on the pictures for detailed summaries of the crazed goings-on ...
LitKicks @ LitFest 2004
Bethesda, Maryland
April 2004 at Gallery Neptune in Bethesda, MD

June 2003 in Battle Creek, Michigan The LitKicks 2003 Shindig in Battle Creek

The LitKicks BongoBeat Wintertime Poetry Happening 2002 December 2002 at the Bowery Poetry Club

August 2002 at the Bowery Poetry Club The LitKicks AlienFlower August Poetry Happening 2002

The LitKicks Spring Peace Poetry Happening 2002 April 2002 at the Bowery Poetry Club

July 1999 at the Bitter End The LitKicks Summer Poetry Happening 1999 at the Bitter End

Valentine's Day at Biblios, 1996 February 1996 at Biblio's

A few of our other get-togethers:

Our favorite place to do poetry readings is the Bowery Poetry Club in New York City because it's just a real good place (and NY City is pretty much our home base). The Eclectic Gallery, a friendly art gallery in Battle Creek, Michigan, is our #1 home away from home. We hope to be doing more locations in the near future, including our first shows in the South and in California.

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