For Sale: The Origin of Jellicles

A collection of almost 50 letters written by T.S. Eliot to his godson are to be auctioned off next month. The letters contain drawings and early poems which many believe to be the prototype for Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, published in 1939. In total, over one hundred letters, a first-edition inscribed copy of The Waste Land and other artifacts will be sold by Bonhams, a London auction house.

Any bidders?

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  1. Love Live TheaterI was able
    Love Live Theater

    I was able to get tickets for Cats in London a couple of years ago. It was good: at intermission my younger daughter said “this is stupid”. My older daughter started to cry because she thought it was so wonderful. She went up and got an autograph from Old Deuteronomy with all the little children.

  2. Cats–the movieI’ve seen
    Cats–the movie

    I’ve seen “Cats” on video and have a copy of OLD POSSUM’S BOOK OF PRACTICAL CATS… (I am also an animal lover of cats and dogs, fish, cavies(guinea pigs), rabbits, etc. Now we just have three cats and are getting ready to rescue another cat and find it a home.)

    We also own the soundtrack of the movie and are thinking of buying a CD of the movie. T. S. Eliot is an outstanding poet and anyone who is rich will probably go to town on that material. We love CATS, the movie and Soundtrack and anything to do with it. We’d like to see it live somewhere soon, it is coming back our way; however, last time the tickets were “sold out”.

    My folks, now deceased, owned a first edition copy of OLD POSSUM’S … which I believe is now owned by one of my younger siblings. I wish I had asked for it. My folks had a family rummage giveaway before they went into a nursing home … They gave away all their stuff except some special personal items to all of us. We also received certain items we asked for in the will. I wish I’d asked for “the Book”. I have only a paperback copy of it…Yesm, we think OLD POSSUM’S … is the most BOSS animal book since “Winnie the Pooh” series and “The Chronicles of Narnia”.

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