Literary Meme-O-Gram: Either vs. Or #2

For each of the either/or pairings on the following list, pick a favorite. No need for explanations… it’s summer. Be quick, be breezy, be efficient and list-like.

First thought, best thought. Go!

1. Neal Cassady vs. Neil Diamond

2. Chick lit vs. Chiclets

3. Absinthe vs. Heroin

4. Fight Club vs. The Joy Luck Club

5. Jane Austen vs. Jane Eyre

6. Notebooks vs. Loose-leaf paper

7. Scarlett O’Hara vs. The Scarlet Letter

8. Arthur Miller vs. Henry Miller

9. Books vs. Magazines

10. Barnes & Noble vs. Your local used bookstore

11. Willy Wonka vs. The BFG

12. The Da Vinci Code vs. HTML

13. Footnotes vs. Internal citations

14. Kiss of the Spider Woman vs. Gene Simmons

15. 3-name author showdown: Joyce Carol Oates vs. Jonathan Safran Foer

30 Responses

  1. Ready to Rumble1. Neil
    Ready to Rumble

    1. Neil Diamond

    2. Chiclets

    3. Absinthe

    4. The Joy Luck Club

    5. Jane Austen

    6. Notebooks

    7. Scarlett O’Hara

    8. Henry Miller

    9. Magazines

    10. Barnes & Noble

    11. Willy Wonka

    12. HTML

    13. Internal citations

    14. Gene Simmons

    15. 3-name author showdown: Joyce Carol Oates


  2. okayNeal

    Neal Cassady
    Fight Club
    Henry Miller
    Your local used bookstore
    Willy Wonka
    Kiss of the Spider Woman

  3. righty-oThe Neil, thank you

    The Neil, thank you very much
    Joy Luck Club
    Jane Austen
    Scarlett O’Hara
    Arthur Miller
    B&N (I know…)
    Gene Simmons
    Joyce Carol Oates

  4. okay, um…….neal
    okay, um…….

    neal cassady



    fight club



    scarlet dripping from my wrists

    henry miller


    local book store

    willy wonka (only because i have no idea what bfg stands for)

    the da vinci code

    internal citations

    gene simmons

    joyce carol oats

  5. Well, as far as B&N goes,
    Well, as far as B&N goes, I don’t really even go to the bookstore that much anymore, but I will say I can’t stand the funky smell of some used bookstores. You know … that sometime funky used book smell that reminds me of old health textbooks in the 6th grade.

  6. i know, i knowKneellit
    i know, i know


    lit chic

    absent H

    Joy fight

    Jane says


    frankly, Sca!



    Local, but Noble

    i wanna Wonka

    tha Da


    Kiss my Spiddy


  7. Frankenstein1. Cassady2.

    1. Cassady
    2. Don’t know
    3. Absinthe
    4. Fight Club
    5. Don’t know
    6. Notebook
    7. The Scarlet Letter
    8. Don’t know
    9. Magazines bound into book form (no, that’s a damn lie). Books.
    10. Local used book store
    11. Don’t know
    12. HTML that someone finds in an old clay vase near the Dead Sea, so now it seems maybe aliens or Moses had computers way back in the day; so what happened? Some terrible calamity where apes never defragged and they would do it all again if we allowed them to take the wheel?
    13. Internal citations – just be up front with it.
    14. Don’t know
    15. Jonathan Safran Foer

  8. so……..Jamelah….you
    you gonna tell me what BFG is?
    Am I some kind of literary fool who’s to be kept in the dark? I’m tellin you, I just wont be able to sleep.

  9. Well, I’ll let you in on the
    Well, I’ll let you in on the secret — the BFG is a book by Roald Dahl — and it stands for “big friendly giant”. You can read more about it here if you’re so inclined. However, my favorite Dahl book is “The Twits”.

  10. Heh … well I am not saying
    Heh … well I am not saying all used books smell bad, of course. Some do have a nice homey aroma, but then there are those (and they inevitably seem to always be textbooks) that, frankly, smell like vomit. But that’s probably just me having flashbacks about working in the college bookstore.

  11. who I am or who am I1. Neal
    who I am or who am I

    1. Neal Cassady

    2. Chick lit

    3. Absinthe

    4. Fight Club

    5. Jane Austen

    6. Notebooks

    7. The Scarlet Letter

    8. Henry Miller

    9. Books

    10. Barnes & Noble

    11. Willy Wonka

    12. HTML

    13. Internal citations

    14. Gene Simmons

    15. 3-name author showdown: Joyce Carol Oates

    see…the way I figure it is…these choices show me as a feminist toothgrinding fighter who might have an interest in the perverse life of Anais Nin (and long tongues) while constantly looking for an escape from reality–be that chocolate or mind-altering drugs, but at least I vent all these things while sitting in the spicy aroma-filled starbucks cafe counter at the local barnes and noble.

    ahh…ain’t life grand.

  12. thank you firecracker…..I
    thank you firecracker…..I think I’ve found the next book to read. This is the dude who wrote ‘James and the giant peach’. Since this was up against Willy Wonka, I wonder…..
    Have you seen previews of Johnny Depp as Willy? I caught some last night and I have to say I think his approach is certainly different, but not cool. I saw him more of a child murderer. Whats with all the damn remakes? Gene Wilder was and is…Willy Wonka. Dont even get me started on ‘the pukes of Hazzard’ Anyway, thanks for clueing me in, I can turn off this infernal machine now.

  13. listy-loo1. big daddy

    1. big daddy diamond.

    2. chiclets in lieu of chewells.

    3. herloin is so passe.

    4. physics club…demented and sad…

    5. jane pauley…?

    6. does the trapper-keeper qualify as a ‘notebook’?

    7. o’hara…at least rhymed with tara. sorta.

    8. which one bagged monroe? oh yeah. now what?

    9. books are for subway posers spying on PSP kids. oooh, literature!

    10. barnes & noble – i need a job.

    11. BFG – wonka shoulda cast sam rockwell as wonka. big misplay.

    12. aw shut up!

    13. invent yr own drivel.

    14. the last thing gene kissed was an onion bagel shmeared with lox.

    15. c. thomas howell.

  14. You know, since I wrote this
    You know, since I wrote this post I’ve had “Sweet Caroline” in my head, which is the way it should be, I think.

  15. What I heard was, Johnny Depp
    What I heard was, Johnny Depp is not portraying Willie Wonka, but Charlie, the kid in the last movie, who has now grown up and is running the factory. I can’t verify the accuracy of this. But it makes sense because of the title. Now, it seems to me, Depp is doing a Michael Jackson thing with this role. Has anyone else noticed that?

    And I didn’t know what BFG stood for either.

  16. Hey, Bill! Wow! I was
    Hey, Bill! Wow! I was thinking the EXACT same thing about Johnny Depp looking like Michael Jackson. What’s with that?

    I mentioned it to my wife when I first saw the preview and she thought I was crazy. Thanks for confirming that I’m not!

  17. Yes, I know exactly what you
    Yes, I know exactly what you mean. I bougt this used copy of some Samuel Beckett plays from Amazon maybe a year or so ago, and not only does it smell funky, the cover is sticky. Needless to say, I don’t look at that one ever.

  18. well, here is winter…1)
    well, here is winter…

    1) Neal Cassady, no doubt
    2) I like mint chiclets
    3) No idea
    4) No idea
    5)Jane Austen, she

  19. Jamelah is right. I did a
    Jamelah is right. I did a follow-up investigation and discovered that I was disseminating a bogus leak. I should probably see a doctor about that.

    Neverland ranch/Chocolate Factory – see the connection?

  20. I can’t even look at the used
    I can’t even look at the used Williams S. Burroughs section without shuddering.

  21. “Invent your own drivel” – I
    “Invent your own drivel” – I like that!

  22. and i like:”onion bagel
    and i like:

    “onion bagel shmeared with lox”

    (how long since i’ve heard brooklynese)

  23. My Replies1) Diamond (when he
    My Replies

    1) Diamond (when he sings “they’re coming to America”, I lose it in a good way)


    3)Absinthe(I think you’re less likely to die from this.I may be wrong)

    4)Haven’t read either

    5)Austen, Austen, Austen!

    6)Loose-leaf paper

    7)God, neither

    8)Arthur Miller


    10)your local used bookstore (the owners have more passion, and it’s cheaper)

    11)Erm, I don’t know?

    12)HTML (seems more realistic)

    13)footnotes (internal citations sound too complicated)

    14)Gene freakin’ Simmons

    15)Joyce Carol Oates

  24. Well, well well. Like I
    Well, well well. Like I wasn’t going to comment on your list.

    Trapper keepers were for losers even when I was in school. Gum eraser! Now that was cool.

    Dude, don’t blow my hiding behind book to stare at hot babes ina subway cover.

    And, I always pegged you as a physics club kind of guy. Me? I hung out with the cool cats — glee club.

  25. CoolCassady (but I love Sweet

    Cassady (but I love Sweet Caroline)
    CHICLETS for sure
    Absinthe is much more romantic
    Joy Luck Club makes more sense
    mmm — can’t pick.
    Love both Janes
    notebooks–i’m a slob
    Scarlet Letter
    Books (unless the mag serializes a James novel :))
    Local, if it has coffee!
    Willie Wonka (the book, though)
    HTML, and I don’t even get this one
    FOOTNOTES !!!!!!!!
    Oh, the last one isn’t fair. Isn’t fair. Won’t pick.

  26. I think it’s because HTML is
    I think it’s because HTML is a code.
    DaVinci Code vs HTML code.

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