3   1     d   a   y   s     3   1     q   u   e   s   t   i   o   n   s  

The Concept

Our world is torn by ideological conflict. Around the world, different news networks often deliver wildly different versions of each day's events. People of different nations, religions or cultural backgrounds face off against each other in hatred and suspicion.

OCTOBER EARTH was presented as a group exercise for a divided world. Each day became an opportunity to confront our own ideas and ideals. We asked some tough questions, but we weren't interested in emphasizing the ways we all disagree. Instead, we wanted to discover what we all feel together -- what we all love, what we all hate, what we all wish for. We heard your beliefs, and we hope you listened to everybody else's beliefs as well. The only way to win a debate such as this one, is to change your own mind about something.

Along with the harder questions, we tried to offer some lighter moments. OCTOBER EARTH was designed to be a valuable learning experience, and we think it was an insightful glimpse into the conscience of the world. Please take a look at our archived conversations -- we hope they'll spark some philosophical and creative thoughts for you.