Dostoevskaya Station

Links. Just links.

1. The Washington Post’s Sunday literary supplement Book World is indeed being discontinued. I’ll have something to say about this in my weekend write-up of the New York Times Book Review, aka “Last One Standing”.

2. Dostoevskaya Station (not in St. Petersburg but in Moscow).

3. Can you read with music? When I was a kid, I always read with music on. Now I prefer not to.

4. A surprisingly good map of heavy metal band names.

5. Grace Paley: the Film

6. Stanley Kubrick wanted to make a Holocaust film.

7. Archie Andrews of Riverdale. You know who I’m talking about.

8. Mad Magazine is going quarterly. Hmm.

9. I’m going to be participating in a Israel/Gaza peace/aid event at McNally Jackson bookstore in New York City on Saturday, February 7. More on this soon …

10. John “Jim” Krasinski’s David Foster Wallace Brief Interviews with Hideous Men film debuted at Sundance! Very cool.

11. Richard Brautigan’s great short novel In Watermelon Sugar is now a dance.

12. Does literary fiction suffer from dysfunctional pricing?

13. The mysterious etymology of Oh Snap.

14. The last is definitely not the least: Kurt Vonnegut Motivational Posters.

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  1. I read at my hotel with the
    I read at my hotel with the government weather channel on for white noise to drown out the neighbors yelling at each other.

  2. sign of the times, it’s
    sign of the times, it’s interesting that the Post is keeping an online version of book world…before i stepped into cyberspace that supplement was my link to the literary world for many years….

  3. The design will be mostly in
    The design will be mostly in black and white, with marbled walls and granite columns. Decoration will include scenes from his most famous stories and a portrait of the man himself.

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