The Dog Ate My Philosophy Weekend

No “Philosophy Weekend” post today — I’m not quite on a vacation, but my brain seems to need one. Back again in full force next weekend!

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  1. It’s great to visit this site
    It’s great to visit this site after such a long absence. The redesign is really nice – very web 2.0. I wrote a handful of articles for litkicks under my pseudonym nocturne_17 (after my favorite nocturne by Chopin. I looked for a place to log in as an old member but couldn’t find one. Just really happy to see litkicks still kicking around.

  2. Philosophy weekend huh ?
    Philosophy weekend huh ? sounds interesting …. Is this a new series ? It’s been a while for me, since you concluded the memoir I guess. Right now I’m reading a collection edited by Walter Kaufmann, I just survived like 70 pages of Jaspers to get to Heidigger..

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