2500 Block of Champa, East Side

Cassady's father's barber shop is on the far end, then The Bakery, then the site of Cassady's first ``Haunted House.''

The Last Barber Shop/The Bakery, near 26th & Champa

``On The Bakery's left, toward 25th Street, was my first ``Haunted House'' though it comes to mind better as the scene of an early sex experience...'' [First Third p. 97]

``Finally, in the last month of this hectic year [1930], Neal [Sr.] got a two-chair shop near the corner of 26th and Champa Streets. In this sad little shop so filled with contention, Neal and Maude shared the last year of their pitiful marriage.'' [First Third, p. 45]

``Neal's non-sobriety persisted as did the dwindling of customers, so that they just couldn't make ends meet, and Neal lost the shop, the last of several, early in 1932. He also lost his wife...Little Neal went with his wino father into the lowest slums of Denver.''

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