Def Poetry Jam is Coming Back

The fifth season of HBO’s Def Poetry Jam begins Friday, June 10 at 11:30.

Have you watched this show in past seasons? We usually have, and we’ve often got a lot to say about each performance. Starting this year, we are going to review the poets who appear in each week’s show in these pages, and we’d like to invite you to watch it and submit your comments as well.

Based on past experience, a typical half-hour of Def Poetry Jam will have at least one poet who’s great, one who’s boring and one who’s just plain terrible. Starting next weekend, let’s air it all out right here.

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  1. Tape it for me?I used to
    Tape it for me?

    I used to watch HBO at my friends’ house, Kenny & Tina. But Tina had a baby last week and now they go to bed early, or get up in the middle of the night, or whatever it is babies demand in their contracts. I’ll have to either sign up for HBO or find another person who will let me into their home late at night.

  2. Mayda del ValleOne of the
    Mayda del Valle

    One of the poets who is regularly featured on HBO’s Def Poetry and toured with the original cast is a Williams alumna named Mayda del Valle. I’ve been disappointed that she hasn’t been featured in recent episodes. I wonder what she has been working on.

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