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GalleyCat, a book industry blog, has been publishing an amusing expose of what happens when book designers run out of new ideas.

To add to the amusement factor, the New York Times has apparently just gotten around to running an expose on the same topic. I guess this is what happens when New York Times journalists run out of new ideas.
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by Billectric on

Reminds me... of something that went down here in Jacksonville. A local college which shall remain nameless, lost their accreditation in part because of plagiarism. They copied another college's literature in their mission statement and got caught when they failed to change the name of the other college in one paragraph down near the bottom of the page. That's not the whole story. A local paper, Folio Weekly, reported the story, then the major city newspaper of Jacksonville, FL - The Florida Times-Union - ran a story that was remarkably similar to the one in Folio. A Times-Union employee admitted to ripping off the Folio story and either got fired or reprimanded or resigned; I forget which. I thought about writing a story about it, then somehow get a lawsuit going about my story about a lawsuit over a story, and just metafiction the hell out of it. But no.