Brooklyn Book Festival

1. The Brooklyn Book Festival is taking place this Saturday at Borough Hall (downtown near the Bridge). Hey, I remember not too many years ago when there was one writer (Norman Mailer) known to be living in Brooklyn. Of course, there’s also the spirit of Betty Smith. I’ll be at the fair, hanging out at the Metaxu Cafe booth. Come by if you can.

2. I like Ed Champion’s description of Katie Couric’s unfortunate new blog, which he says reads like “a chipmunk on methadone”. The first entry really is that bad. Listen:

“Okay, I’ve been waiting to exhale for some time now…and I finally have!!! Last night was my one week anniversary…and the good news is, I’m still employed! (I think) I’ve had no problem sleeping in until 7 every morning … and I’m really really enjoying my new gig.”

Katie, Katie, Katie. MySpace is down the block. This is the blogosphere, where people are actually smart and write well. We’re happy to have you here, but please cut the triple-exclamation points, okay?!?!?! You can talk like a normal person here — really, just try it.

3. Conversational Reading, which has an appealing habit of delivering one in-depth column every friday, offers some thoughts on Nicholson Baker’s classic Room Temperature today.

4. CBS’s Survivor always tags the professions of its participants, and for the second year in a row one of the cast members is billed as a writer. But unlike last year’s Austin Carty, who turned out to be a decent player though a highly unproven author, this year’s Jonathan Penner has a Hollywood background and a resume that includes writing and acting stints on many TV shows including Seinfeld and some film festival awards. Note, to anyone who’s wondering: Jonathan is one of the whiteys.

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