Me and Ed at the Bowery Poetry Club last Thursday night. Here’s Richard Grayson’s report, Caryn’s pix. Thanks to George Wallace for arranging the event, and to everybody who came out to enjoy the show!

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  1. Missed Opportunity…This was
    Missed Opportunity…

    This was the week that I could’ve made it out and of course, had other plans. Ugh!

    Anyhow, I hope it went well and I hope you pop up again to Bowery Club on another date so I can meet and greet the Litkicks clan!

    JC is really vibing on the poets and it’s always cool to see new stuff from the online folks.

    Poets Unite! ROCK ON!

  2. Thanks for the pics….I love
    Thanks for the pics….I love it when LitKicks is alive and on stage….ROCK-ON Levi!!!!

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