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I'm psyched to be included in an impressive series of interviews about the Beat Generation conducted by Michael Limnios at Blues @ Greece, a Greek web publication devoted to underground music and culture.

I particularly like the question Michael asked me about Beat writers and poker (which shows that this interviewer knows me well). I'm in great company in this interview series; other respondents have included Beat/Grateful Dead expert Dennis McNally, Stephanie Nikolopoulus, who recently wrote a good piece on Kerouac for The Millions, poet A. D. Winans, Cherry Valley beat loyalists Charles Plymell and Pamela Beach-Plymell, filmmaker Laki Vazakas, Allen Ginsberg's former aide
Bob Rosenthal, poet Amiri Baraka, native American historian Carl Waldman, Beatdom publisher David Wills, hippie legend Ed Sanders and photographer Elsa Dorfman. Not too shabby!

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You must be extremely happy with the interview Levi. The ?'s were definitely interesting and gave us as readers new insights into your knowledge and experiences with the Beats. I really enjoyed the read.

Excellent interview. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thank you for posting the link! I must ask, if you were to set aside On The Road, what would you consider to be Kerouac's best work?

by Levi Asher on

Hmm, good question, James. Well, my personal second-favorite would probably be "The Dharma Bums", because I like the gentle humor and the big Buddhist themes. But the competition would be close with "Big Sur", Kerouac's most honest confessional, his "crack-up", a very powerful work.

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