Happy Bloomsday!

Joyce fans of the world, unite! Today marks the 101st anniversary of Ulysses character Leopold Bloom’s Dublin odyssey, and fans worldwide will celebrate in a variety of ways. (Even Yahoo! is hip to Joyce, commemorating the day by compiling Bloomsday search buzz.)

Perhaps you’ll have a pint of Guinness later, or maybe you have a hankering for a gorgonzola sandwich for lunch (at Davy Byrnes Pub, perhaps?). Or maybe it’s a good day to finally begin the epic task of reading Joyce’s tome (or doing what most people do — pretending to read Joyce’s tome).

Anyway, does anyone have plans to celebrate Bloomsday? If so, be sure to give us a report. If not, maybe you should make some. There’s nothing like literature to inspire some good revelry…

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  1. TargetWell … I’d planned to

    Well … I’d planned to go to Target later but now that you mention it, I think I’ll pick up some “provisions” and drink Guinness as I pack for vacation.

  2. Make sure that you stop by
    Make sure that you stop by Outback Steakhouse for a bloomin’ onion when you’re out for provisions. Because it’s Bloomsday.


  3. Now wait a secondWhen I
    Now wait a second

    When I looked at the LitKicks headline feed on My Yahoo page this morning, I swear all I saw was brooklyn’s post from yesterday and then firecracker’s post today. But now when I check back a couple hours later, I see that a post by Jamelah has appeared in between those two posts. Did I just somehow not see this post before; because if what I saw earlier was in fact true, the only way for Jamelah’s post to appear where it is is if there was some sort of rip in the fabric of space-time, and I thought stuff like that only happened in The Matrix.

  4. Yes, that’s exactly what
    Yes, that’s exactly what happened. You’re in the matrix.

  5. Well, see, I’m sneaky.And
    Well, see, I’m sneaky.

    And you’re in The Matrix.

  6. I decided to just walk around
    I decided to just walk around town all day wearing bloomers.

  7. I noticed it too, shamatha.
    I noticed it too, shamatha. this is Madeleine L’Engle stuff here. That Jamelah girl is omni-relative.

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