To the Tick Tock Ya Don’t Stop

As Levi recently mentioned, a year ago around this time we were staying up all night because he had some crazy idea about a 24-hour poetry party. Since we all know the craziest ideas lead to the most fun and because sleep deprivation leads to selective memory nostalgia, Jamelah and I have decided we couldn’t get through another summer without spending an entire 24-hour period online (not that it’s really any different from what we do every day, but still). This year we’re satisfying this urge by participating in the Blogathon. That’s right, Blogathon — where blogs meet telethon, the jumpathon goes online and we change shirts more times than Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. Ok, maybe not that last part, but the fact remains that we will each be blogging for 24 hours this Saturday (from 9am ET August 6 to 9am ET August 7) for two very worthwhile literary-related charities. Jamelah will be blogging on behalf of BookAid International and I will be blogging on behalf of ProLiteracy Worldwide. Please check out these two organizations and help support our efforts by spreading the word, cheering us on and pledging a buck or two if you’re so inclined. Since we’re two literary-minded gals blogging for literacy campaigns, we’ll be focusing many of our posts on that topic (however tangentially related that might be remains to be seen) — plus we’ll check in here with extra-bonus literary tidbits. For more information, check out the above links and as always, we appreciate your support.

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Litkicks will turn 30 years old in the summer of 2024! We can’t believe it ourselves. We don’t run as many blog posts about books and writers as we used to, but founder Marc Eliot Stein aka Levi Asher is busy running two podcasts. Please check out our latest work!