Beat News: April 11 1997

This has been a frustrating week for me, because my many life responsibilities — mainly my job, my family, and also an anthology of web fiction I’ve been working on that’s way past deadline — made it impossible for me to devote as much time as I wished I could to coordinating Allen Ginsberg memorial information, creating my tribute page and updating its list of URL’s, and, mainly, answering the hundreds and hundreds of touching and fascinating emails I received (which I’m still sorting through, and will be, I think, for a while).

Fortunately other web people were able to fill this gap. This includes all the people whose URL’s are on my tribute page, but
I’m particularly thinking of Critter and Mongo Bearwolf whose page is particularly important as he is helping to coordinate a National Day of Remembrance. Check out this page and see if there is an event near you! Really … for those of you who don’t go to a lot of poetry-related events … GET OFF YR ASS AND GO!!! It may
change your life. You never know. Myself, I’ll be at the big New York tribute at St. Mark’s Church tomorrow, which should be a zoo, but will hopefully be good anyway.

To all who shed tears — and there were many, many, many who shed tears — love to you all, and remember to find ways to
honor those you admire with your own personal greatness.

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