Beat News: September 5 1996

I hate it when the summer ends.

1. Have you ever seen the famous 1965 photo of the crowd of Beat writers outside the City Lights bookstore? The photo was taken by Larry Keenan (here he is, with the photo, and his wife Lisa), and I was pleased to receive email from the photographer himself a few months ago. He actually wrote to me to ask me to please stop using his photos without permission, but instead of being nasty about it (as I’ve heard other copyright-holders sometimes are), he simply asked me to credit him whenever I used one of his pictures, which I was happy to do. We then corresponded a few times, and when I asked him to tell me the story behind his most famous photo he told me this:

To answer your question briefly, Yes I did know what I was doing was important. In fact, this is what I was telling my parents when they did not want me going over to the city to photograph “those dirty beatniks”. I had the good fortune to meet Michael McClure at Calif. College of Arts and Crafts where he was/is teaching and I was a student. My friend Dale Smith and I approached McClure about helping us with a project we were doing. During the course of our meeting he said “would you guys like to photograph some of my friends”? We asked “who are your friends”? Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, etc. We were blown-away. So for the next year or so we went over to his house most Saturdays and hung out for an hour or so and then went over to a Beat’s house or apartment and spent the day photographing him or them. It was always a good experience. They were very nice to us. We were nice too, we gave them mounted prints. Pretty soon we were being invited to parties that we were told not to bring any cameras to.

To make a long story short. My parents made me mow the lawn before I could go over to SF and shoot the Last Gathering photo and the McClure, Dylan, Ginsberg photo.

Mowing the lawn … pretty classic. Anyway, there’s a longer interview with Larry Keenan up at The BitWeaver’s Loom, an art-oriented site he’s involved with. It shows some of Keenan’s newer computer-generated artwork as well as a few Beat photographs. Well worth checking out. A book of Keenan’s photos will also be out soon, and several will be on display in New York City at Great Modern Pictures, 48 E. 82nd Street from Sept. 12 through Nov. 30.

2. Once again, the folks in Jack Kerouac’s hometown of Lowell, Massachusetts are putting on a big Kerouac festival in October. Here’s what’s going on there.
An appearance by Ed Sanders will be one of this year’s highlights.

3. Allen Ginsberg News: Here’s a page about the new State Of The Union double CD, produced by Elliot Sharp. It features a piece by Ginsberg, along with 145 (!) other pieces. Profits go to the National Coalition Against Censorship, which sounds like a pretty good cause to me. Also, there’s an interview with Ginsberg here. Finally, the word is out that Ginsberg has recorded a version of his “Ballad Of The Skeletons” with a pretty impressive group of musicians: Paul McCartney, Lenny Kaye, Philip Glass and Marc Ribot. Should be interesting!

4. The new Enterzone is out, and after a nine-month hiatus I’m in it again! It’s nice to be back. Still my favorite zine.

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