Beat News: January 16 1996

Events New York City
1. A Gathering of the Tribes is the online presence of a Lower East Side organization comprising an art gallery, poetry magazine and theatre workshop, among other things. This organization has been a constructive independent force in the downtown arts scene for several years, but the person who founded it, Steve Cannon, may be about to lose the East 3rd Street building that houses the operation. This building is Steve's home as well, and the word is going out around New York that somebody who has given much help to others is now in need of help himself. Several benefits will be taking place in the near future; visit the web site or send email to Tribes for more info.

2. Please watch this space for info on a Valentine's Day reading of web-related authors I'm helping to put together somewhere in New York. We're not exactly sure yet what shape this thing is going to take, but if anybody out there is interested in performing or attending please drop me a note. More on this soon ...

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