Beat News: September 17 1995

1. Gary Snyder has published a new book of essays. It’s called “A Place In Space” and it’s published by Counterpoint.

2. Lincoln Center and the New School are presenting a series celebrating the musical works of Paul Bowles, who was a respected composer (among many other things) before he left the United States to live in Tangier and became a novelist. Bowles is currently in New York to attend these events, and this is a big deal because he has not been to New York (where he was born 84 years ago, in Jamaica, Queens) since 1969.

3. The two sections of Literary Kicks run by contributors have both been updated. Sherri’s Beat Bibliography now includes an extensive list of writings about Allen Ginsberg, and Inside the Kerouac Legacy is publishing a contribution by Jan Kerouac, an open letter to New York University regarding her exclusion from the recent Kerouac conference sponsored by the University.

4. Happy 60th Birthday to Ken Kesey!

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