Beat News: May 10 1995

1. This is still unconfirmed, but I hear that Brad Pitt and Sean Penn have been picked for the two lead roles in the new film of “On The Road.” I’m pretty happy with the choice of Sean Penn, who I think is an excellent actor. As for Brad Pitt, I don’t really know his work and couldn’t possibly tell him apart from Ethan Hawke or any of the rest of those guys. I assume Sean Penn will play Dean Moriarty, and if that’s the case then the film might actually work. Dean (the character based on Neal Cassady) is the critical role — all Sal Paradise (the character Kerouac based on himself) has to do is sit in the passenger seat looking poignant, and I assume Brad Hawke can handle that.

2. A very nice person named Sherri has endeavored to finally create a comprehensive Beat bibliography for Literary Kicks. She is now beginning to work on author-specific bibliographies, some of which will be written by other contributors. Sherri and I would like these bibliographies to be as complete as possible, so please check the first one out and send her any info you think she might be missing.

3. There’s a fun new radio show dedicated to online culture being produced in New York, and they were nice enough to call me for a phone interview this week. I probably got picked because the guy who runs the show — his name is Galinsky — is a young poet from Brooklyn, and Galinsky knows Beats. The show is called Pseudo Online Radio, and it’s on WEVD 1050 AM on Thursday nights at 11. Here’s their logo:

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