Beat News: March 6 1995

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1. Two new Kerouac books will soon be available. The Portable Jack Kerouac Reader is edited by Ann Charters, who did an excellent job with the Portable Beat Reader, and also wrote the first major Kerouac biography back in 1973. A new book of Kerouac's letters is also coming out, and from what I've heard there's amazing new stuff in there. More soon on this.

The Portable Kerouac Reader publication is being kicked off with a series of readings by Ginsberg, Charters and others. The New York reading will also feature Ed Sanders, Maggie Estep, David Amram, Richard Hell, Dave Van Ronk and others, and will be held at St. Mark's Church in the Bowery on March 15. I'll probably go -- if you're there and you recognize me from my photos, say hello. There'll also be a reading in Lowell; I'm not sure if there'll be others beyond that. Check your local alternative paper, if you have one.

2. The 2nd episode of Enterzone is out, and once again I'm really impressed with the quality of the work there. Enterzone is a hyperfiction multimedia arts project (I think), and this episode also pays special attention to the Beat phenomenon. There's a a short story of mine in there too (but I'm not just saying I like Enterzone because I'm in it; I'm in it because I like it).

3. Nate Thompson has created a new Kerouac page here.

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