Beat News: October 20 1994

Just heard (from a regular) that Francis Ford Coppola is going to be directing a film of ‘On The Road‘. Wow. I happen to love some of Coppola’s movies, especially the first two ‘Godfather’ movies, so I’m not upset about this. Well, I’m a little upset, but that’s only because I’ve always dreamed of directing this film myself. I don’t know anything about directing, so granted this is a longshot. But I’d stick real close to the book and make a great film.

I hate it when a good book gets turned into a stupid film. But Coppola was the one who filmed ‘The Outsiders,’ my favorite novel from ages 10 through 14 (along with ‘Flowers For Algernon’– remember that one?) and he didn’t screw that one up too bad. The book was still better, but the film didn’t totally suck.

Here’s who I think Coppola should cast:

  • Sal Paradise (Kerouac): Rob Lowe (I happen to think Rob Lowe’s an underrated actor).
  • Dean Moriarty (Cassady): Woody Harrelson (a little too old, but there’s a physical resemblance to Cassady).
  • Marylou: I dunno, maybe that girl in the Aerosmith videos. Has to be somebody who looks kinda dumb.
  • Ed Dunkel: Nicholas Cage.
  • Old Bull Lee (Burroughs): I dunno, maybe Hunter S. Thompson would do a cameo. Wouldn’t that be cool?
  • Carlo Marx (Ginsberg): There’s a guy in ‘Kids in the Hall’ who kinda looks
    like Ginsberg.
  • Camille (Carolyn Cassady): Bridget Fonda.
  • Terry (the Mexican Girl): Maybe Sofia Coppola? I liked her in Godfather Part III.

What are your ideas? Let me know and I’ll put any good ones up here.

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