Indie Writer on Exile Island

If you’re a Survivophile like me, you might have noticed that one of the new season’s characters is a writer. I’m pretty sure this is a Survivor first, and so I was curious enough to look up his stats.

Turns out his name is Austin Carty, and he’s the author of one self-published novel, Somewhere Beyond Here.

It’s apparently the story of some kind of twisted mother-son relationship, and the opinions on the Amazon page are deeply divided. The plot sounds intriguing enough, but I’m sorry to say the cover design is a disaster. The Venetian script font and the amateurish composition all scream out “designed by my high school art teacher who has Photoshop”. Other details are similarly askew. The fact that Amazon lists the publisher as unknown drives home the point: this ain’t Knopf.

A few ISBN lookups reveal the book’s registered publisher, Trafford Publishing, which appears to be a respectable business. Unless their staff artists designed the cover, in which case they’re not.

Anyway, LitKicks officially supports the effort of Austin Carty to win Survivor: Exile Island. He’s 24, looks a bit doofy, doesn’t talk much, and I get the feeling he lives with his parents back home. I’m guessing his biggest literary influences are a Dave Matthews Band CD and half a Dave Eggers book. But writers have to stick together, and we stand behind Austin Carty to win the million for all of us back home. The tribe has spoken.

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  1. Real Author?So… having a
    Real Author?

    So… having a literary agent is THE requirement ot being a bona fide author?

    Whew! Thank God. I thought the requirement was actually having written a book.

    Thought I was losing it there for a minute.

  2. Yeah, I noticed that too,
    Yeah, I noticed that too, Steve — in his official bio he doesn’t mention his self-published novel, just the fact that he has an agent. Great standing behind his work …

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