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Action Poetry is where LitKicks has been inviting poets and wannabe poets -- that is, everyone -- to share short verses in public for review and response for the past ten years.

It's an unpretentious and friendly poetry board, but remarkable poems do show up here often. Every December between Christmas and New Years, we put up a randomized display of many of the favorite poems from the past year. Here, for your clicking pleasure, is Action Poetry 2011.

  See you next year!
11 Responses to "Action Poetry 2011"

by w.j. wiippa on

collapse haiku (1)´by mickeyz is my favorite so far
industry captains
stripped of their smug arrogance
dirty tricks won't work
happy kwanzaa

by Sylphe on

I love it when you post the random display button. I get to revisit some old favourites, and sometimes get to read great poems I might have otherwise missed.

Ten years, wow! Great job guys, cheers & here's to the next ten years!

Happy Holidays mes amis :)

by catalyst on

Hi Levi,

Just wanted to let you know...these poems are from 2010...unless the dates on them are wrong.

by Levi Asher on

Oh no! Catalyst, you are (were) correct. I fixed it now. My bad.


.....always a treat of a read....10 years flew by.....i'm gonna perform some of mine tonight @ cafe nola..... 2012 here we come......

by catalyst on

The Light By Silas was my favorite of 2011...but this thing reminds me of all the great poetry that was written in the past year...I think mickeyz should get an award for being the most prolific...him and terry collet were turning out poems like mad poets that they are! Also, I really enjoyed hypcollector's responses, he is always on point.....thanks for doing this again, Levi, cheers to the next year of great poetry!

Totally genius idea -- read a random poem. Kudos, Levi!

by Josh Moore on

Wow...I can press buttons and read myself. Quite a vending machine.

by Claudia on

Levi, I think since the Romantic and Symbolist movements, poetry has become an under-rated genre, even though it's so beautiful, lyrical, expressive and densely rich in meaning. Thanks for doing your part in keeping this genre alive for our times in this active Action Poetry community. Happy new year/La multi ani to you and all the Litkicks contributors and readers!

....randomly reliving a year of expressionism, cores of soul, and flashes of flesh. kicks of the literary kind. gratitude (hat tipping) to the creators....

One of my favorites is mystical haiku by mickeyz:

unexpected moon
cultivates chaotic tides
in the nick of time

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