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We’ll be rolling out some software upgrades on this site in the next few weeks, starting with some changes in progress to the Action Poetry page. The page looks mostly the same, but it now automatically rolls over and creates an archive page at the beginning of each month, and the selection of featured poems in the middle right panel of every LitKicks page will now be updated continually instead of a few times a month. Today is the first of June, so the current Action Poetry page is now a blank slate (check last month’s page to see what it will look like once it gets moving).

It’s occurred to me that many people visit LitKicks regularly but never post on our poetry forum because they don’t know what it’s all about. Action Poetry is a free-form showcase for amateur or professional poets or writers. You can post an original piece, or you can write a response to another writer’s poem. We try to maintain a zen atmosphere on this page — each poem simply exists for the sake of existing, and may or may not get a response. There is no “official voice”, and we never interrupt the flow to make announcements or provide structure of any kind. You may never know whether anybody liked your poem or not, and that’s how Action Poetry works.

Any format, style or subject matter is okay, as long as you are sincerely trying to write well. We ask only a few things: check your spelling and formatting before you post, post only original work, and keep it short (this is not the place to upload your unpublished novel).

You can use Action Poetry as therapy, or you can use it to express secrets that won’t fit on a postcard, or you can use it to show off your poetic skills. If you’ve never posted on Action Poetry before, all you have to do is create a LitKicks member name and you’re all set.

Whoever you are, please consider writing us a poem soon.

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  1. Hmmm”… or you can use it to

    “… or you can use it to express secrets that won’t fit on a postcard”

    Don’t worry, that site can’t hold a candle to Litkicks.

  2. audio?What about an audio

    What about an audio section for live poetry readings? I’d love to hear some of yours read aloud; or any of a number of the great poets who contribute to this site. /zine poetry jams, does that, as do many others, I suppose. It’s fun. For example, do you have a link to where I could hear Ginsberg read “Howl” ? That would be nice. Years ago, as a student teacher, I brought in a recording of Eliot reading “The Waste Land.” I love his odd voice. It actually adds to my appreciation of the poem. The kids didn’t like it of course, but I suppose for many of them, it’s the only time they got to hear a poet read his work.

  3. It’s a good idea, Stokey, but
    It’s a good idea, Stokey, but I don’t think I’m going to be the one to do this. I’m more interested in video than audio myself, and I don’t have to do much work in either format. But check out

  4. arggh, archives brokenI now
    arggh, archives broken

    I now realize that the archive pages don’t work after all. May 2006 is fine, but the months before that are displaying all posts without threads — so that replies do not correspond to the posts they should correspond to. Unfortunately, I have to go to backup files and do some significant work to fix this, so it may be a little while …

  5. buggageSorry, it turns out my

    Sorry, it turns out my announcement was a bit premature. I now see that I have a bunch more work to do on these archives. The current Action Poetry page is fully functional (so get writing, people!) but there are a few things wrong with the back pages. More info on this will be coming in a matter of days (and I hope not weeks).

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