A Bookstore Grows In Brooklyn

1. I’ve seen a lot of things in my life, but I’ve never before had the pleasure of watching a bookstore get born. I met blogger/bookseller Jessica Stockton Bagnulo three years ago when we both joined the Litblog Co-op at the same time, and I noted it here in January 2008 when she was awarded seed money to start her own bookstore in Brooklyn. The store is now about to open and looks just great. I hope to make it to the opening day party this Saturday at 7 pm, and you’re invited too

2. Robert Crumb’s illustrated Book of Genesis is out, and not surprisingly some people don’t like it. I, on the other hand, do like it.

3. Peanuts auteur Charles M. Schulz’s son Monte Schulz has written a graphic novel.

4. Steve Aylett’s novel Lint, which Bill Ectric described in these pages as “to literature what Spinal Tap is to heavy metal music“, is being made into a movie.

5. Junot Diaz on the writing process: “Want to talk about stubborn? I kept at it for five straight years. Five damn years.” Whole thing here.

6. Sonya Chung ponders a tough question: does being a parent make it harder to be a writer?

7. National Lampoon cover archives! These were my peak years.

8. An early vision of electronic reading.

9. A new Will Ferrell movie is based, strangely, on a Raymond Carver short story. Mark Athitakis ID’s the story as “Why Don’t You Dance?”.

10. I’ve mentioned before that the Rabbit novels are not my favorite John Updike, but Julian Barnes makes a damn good case for them here.

11. Thoreau’s Garden by Peter Loewer. Aww, nice.

12. Chinua Achebe, whose latest book is called The Education of a British-Protected Child, has some issues with Joseph Conrad’s classic Heart of Darkness.

13. From the New Yorker: “The Former First Lady as a Literary Device“.

14. Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home has been turned into a play (via Maud).

15. Cracked presents 6 Bullshit Facts About Psychology That Everyone Believes.

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