Fiddy Writes A Book

We’ve been hearing rumors of one gangsta rapper after another signing a book deal: Jay-Z has one, Nas has one, P. Diddy had one and lost it, and Snoop Dogg apparently has seven.

We haven’t seen any of these books yet, but one rapper just kept his mouth shut and quietly got a serious new book out on the shelves: From Pieces to Weight : Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens by the crafty Queens native 50 Cent.

I’ve written elsewhere on LitKicks about 50 Cent’s lyrics. Some find him controversial, but he’s undoubtedly one of the funniest and most vivid writers in all of hiphop. I’m not sure if I’m going to love this book like a fat kid loves cake or not, but I’m definitely going to read it and find out.

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  1. standard rules of writing
    standard rules of writing style

    fifty cent wrote a book.
    marshall mathers made a movie.

    kiddie america.

    Both Men Are Poets.
    In Deed.

    but to want to buy either man’s book?


    i hear what is said in song.
    when i have been cursed, i have seen it in video.

    video, as you know, killed a radio star. Now, maybe twenty years later, video stars get published because they can pay for it?

    i’m sure i’m wrong.

    then again, if you break from standard rules of writing style,
    you never know.

  2. the ice opiniondid you like
    the ice opinion

    did you like it? I thought it was a masterpiece of barstool philosophy, a genre i am infinitely comfortable with. an intelligent man refusing to let his lack of knowledge get in the way of his ego. that’s a good thing. like nicky hopkins.

  3. Hey Luke — I didn’t read
    Hey Luke — I didn’t read that one, but based on your recommendation maybe I will …

  4. Hey Yab — well, video is a
    Hey Yab — well, video is a whole different subject. But when a guy sits down and writes a book telling his story, you gotta figure you’re catching him in an honest, reflective moment. Which is completely different from a film shoot where a person may have to pretend to look honest or reflective in a fake room with a crew of 40 people gathered around. I think 50 is also making a movie, and I’m not that interested in that — but his autobiography, yeah, that I will read.

  5. Vivid?Maybe the sample you

    Maybe the sample you gave of 50 Cent’s lyrics isn’t representative, but I found it actually subpar, even within its own hip-hop context.

    Now you want some good writing in rap, check out Ice-T’s album POWER.

    That is intelligent flowing stuff the others should aspire to.

  6. Hi … well, the sample I
    Hi … well, the sample I pointed to was for a different purpose, and isn’t really an example of “vivid”. There are better lyrics: “Many Men” or the new “Hate It or Love It” for instance. I also want to emphasize the funny — line for line, 50 has got to be the funniest writer in hiphop, and that includes the Dogg.

    Ice-T is good with me too.

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