Poet Robert Creeley sent us this poem, a realization of aging, written with a gentle clarity. Robert Creeley has been known as a Black Mountain Poet, and he has further distinguished himself as a professor and as Poet Laureate of New York State. We're pleased to bring his work to you.

Bye and Bye

by Robert Creeley

Faded in face of apparent reality
As it comes, I see it still goes on and on.
and even now still sitting at this table
is the smiling man who nobody seems to know.

Older, the walls apparently get higher.
No one seemingly gets to look over
to see the people pointing at the sky
where the old planes used to fly over.

I packed my own reality in a bag
and pushed it under the table,
thinking to retrieve it when able
some time bye and bye.

Photo contributed by shamatha

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