Day: August 2, 2005

Literary Meme-O-Gram: Either vs. Or #3

In this latest round of arbitrary either/or groupings, pick the word you like best out of each pair. That is all. Have fun!

1. Antepasta vs. Antediluvian
2. Untenable vs. Unruly
3. Schadenfreude vs. Freudian
4. Butter vs. Buttressed
5. Froward vs. Toward
6. Zany vs. Madcap
7. Carbohydrate vs. … Read the rest

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Running With Lawyers

This will be amusing for anybody who read Augusten Burroughs’ memoir Running With Scissors, in which young Augusten is adopted by a flipped-out psychiatrist, Dr. Finch, a true patriarch of weirdness and by far the book’s most memorable character. Now six relatives of the real-life doctor, who died in … Read the rest

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