Day: July 11, 2005

DiCap’s in the Cradle

I’m not sure how I missed this one — although it seems like I have posted this before, with all the Tom Hanks connections to books in film and the infinitely inescapable presence of the young Hanksesque Leonardo DiCaprio (not unlike the haunting memory of Jack Dawson in Titanic) … Read the rest

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Literary Meme-O-Gram: Either vs. Or #2

For each of the either/or pairings on the following list, pick a favorite. No need for explanations… it’s summer. Be quick, be breezy, be efficient and list-like.

First thought, best thought. Go!

1. Neal Cassady vs. Neil Diamond

2. Chick lit vs. Chiclets

3. Absinthe vs. Heroin

4. Fight ClubRead the rest

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Metafiction and the 4th Wall

Most “new” concepts are not really new. They come and go in various incarnations, ever growing in our mass consciousness, until they reach the critical mass known as “everyone is talking about it.” Two such concepts are metafiction in literature and its TV/film equivalent, “breaking the fourth wall”.

The fourth … Read the rest

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