Day: May 17, 2005

Count Blogula

Ok, so he doesn’t come out much during the day and he may want to suck your blood, but Bram Stoker’s Dracula is really just like everyone else and now has a blog. Well, the novel has a blog. Much like the diary of Samuel Pepys blog project, the DraculaRead the rest

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Live and Let Write

James Bond is another example of a character coming back to life in print. SilverFin is the first in a set of novels that will tell the story of a young James Bond. The series, written by Charlie Higson, targets pre-teen crowd and hopes to inherit the recent popularity of … Read the rest

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The Man in Black

In 1919 the character of Zorro first appeared in a pulp magazine story titled The Curse Of Capistrano. Over the years the legend of Zorro has won many fans with the story of Spanish California’s own version of Robin Hood. It seems the legend of Diego de la Vega … Read the rest

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Getting Paid

LitKicks member Steve Plonk writes:

Many of us are published in small print zines, either in print media or online media and want to break into the ‘real money’ category.

Does this describe you? Only a tiny fraction of the writers in the world ever make money for it. If … Read the rest

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