Day: April 1, 2002

Soviet Underground – Part 3


I’ll sit down on a very white horse
During a yellow-green sunset in Fall . . .
Quietly touch on the new fallen snow,
Write to me in West, I’ll be happier there.

Slowly I’ll ride through the Ural mountains,
Gallop through the Volga,
Splash through the … Read the rest

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Soviet Underground – Part 2


Maria the Nurse

What did I say to Maria the nurse
when I was hugging her?
“You know that officer’s daughters
don’t look on us soldiers.”

And the field of clovers was beneath us
quite like the river.
And the waves of the clovers became higher
and we … Read the rest

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The Soviet Underground and the Bard Generation

An underground movement called the Bard or Guitar-Poetry movement started in the late fifties and became big in Russia in the early sixties. The people that came out of this movement have changed the idea of Russian poetry, song, and style. Yevgeny Yevtushenko, internationally recognized as a great Russian poet, … Read the rest

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