Day: January 6, 2002

Ilya Ehrenburg, Life and Poems

Ilya Ehrenburg was born in Kiev in 1891. In his youth the family moved to Moscow, where Ehrenburg was expelled from the sixth grade gymnasium for participating in a Bolshevik strike. In 1908 he emigrated to France, calling it his second Fatherland. In Paris he lived a bohemian lifestyle of … Read the rest

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Shalamov, Tradgedy and Poetry

Varlam Tihonovitch Shalamov was born in Vologde in 1907. The son of a priest. He was in school from the years 1926 to 1929. He was then arrested for supposedly writing against Lenin in 1929. He left prison in 1932 and was was again arrested in 1937, at the time … Read the rest

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Aleksandr Yashin, Poetry and Life

Yashin, whose real name was Aleksandr Yakovlevich Popov was born on the 27 of March in 1913 to a small family of peasants in a little village of Bludnovo.

In 1931 he finished school in the city of Nikolsk, he participated in his village, read a lot of books, and … Read the rest

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