Day: November 22, 1997

Sliced Bardo: Bardo in Kansas

Bardo in Kansas by Patricia Elliott

Patricia Elliott, a friend of William S. Burroughs in Lawrence, Kansas, posted many heartfelt accounts of his last days and the days that followed his death to the BEAT-L, an internet mailing list where she is often a lively part of the conversation. (If Read the rest

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Sliced Bardo: On Burroughs by Robert Creeley

A few days after William S. Burroughs died, I sent poet Robert Creeley an email asking if he had any memories of Burroughs to share. He sent this back the next day.

The photo of Burroughs’ famous orgone box, inspired by the Orgone Energy Accumulator designed by alternative psychologist Wilhelm … Read the rest

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Beat News: November 21 1997

1. Proving once again that I am the single slowest web designer who ever lived, I have just now finally finished my memorial tribute to William S. Burroughs. It’s called Sliced Bardo, and it includes spliced-in material from Lee Ranaldo, Robert Creeley and Carolyn Cassady, as well as a … Read the rest

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