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If there's any part of Literary Kicks that I'm sure is going well as the site celebrates its 20th birthday, it's Philosophy Weekend. These weekend essays consistently get the most enthusiastic feedback, the most comments, and the most Facebook/Twitter shares of all my blog posts. I'm really very happy that this section of the site has taken off.

But these essays are also the hardest to write, and sometimes -- like, well, this weekend -- I just can't bring it. This weekend, I've driven 500 miles, worked for several hours on my grueling day job, went to a poetry/book party at my Mom's apartment, and played basketball in the hot sun. I'd love to write an excellent blog post too, but I've been sitting here trying all Sunday afternoon ... and I just can't come up with the goods.

At times like these, I usually resort to a placeholder post with a title like "The Dog Ate My Philosophy Weekend" or (I think I've used this one a couple of times) "Recharging". But today, I can't even think of a good punchline for a placeholder post. I think this is a sign that I need a slight change of pace.

So, even though I am absolutely intent on continuing to grow this space, and I have not the slightest lack of enthusiasm for what we've all been talking about in these discussions, I have decided to slow down Philosophy Weekend to an every-other-week deal for at least the rest of the summer. Come autumn, we'll see if I want to bring it back to every weekend or not.

I think this will ensure that the quality control doesn't drop, and I won't have to come up with any more cute puppy pictures or use the title "Recharging" again. Thanks for understanding, and I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something lively for us all to argue about by next Saturday. See you then!

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by mtmynd on

After well over 300+ Sunday Streams, I know how you feel, Levi, believe me.

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