Tech Problems at LitKicks

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We're having some tech problems here in the Land of Literary Kicks. I'm experimenting with some new software that will hopefully solve the problem. In the meantime, I'll try to keep up with regular posting (many new books to talk about) as I work on this.

If you're a poet trying to contribute a brilliant poem to Action Poetry, you may want to hold off a day or two while I kick the antenna a few times.

Hang in there, and the site will most assuredly be back, better than ever, very soon.

6 Responses to "Tech Problems at LitKicks"

by Levi on

Testing the new software ... is this thing on?

by dlt on

TS Eliot

Wasn't an "action" poet


ya sure do got that right ikkyu was an action poet supreme.....i want my action poetry!

by Levi Asher on

Action Poetry has not been forgotten! It will take some more time (to rebuild the thing from scratch) but please don't give up hope ...


it's worth wait Levi......

by Steve Plonk on

Kind folks and gentlepeople, how long is the wait going to be? Three weeks is like an eternity on the internet...Many of us are "champing the bit" to get back in your "Action Poetry" 'zine. Let us know something when you know. Thanks.