My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)

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More from the Midwest: The Chicago Public Library (and Chicago Public Libarary Foundation) named lovable John Updike as the winner of the Carl Sandburg Literary Award. The prize is awarded "for lifetime writing achievement" -- past winners include Kurt Vonnegut and David McCullough.
4 Responses to "My Kind of Town (Chicago Is)"

by singlemalt on

I have to ask youdo you go trolling around the internet finding lit related news items twenty-four hours a day? I just read this article in the Chicago Tribune on the train at around 7:00 a.m. And then you link it up before 8:30.And two Chicago topics in a row. Admit it. Litkicks loves Chicago. Or are you guys just stalking me?

by firecracker on

Well, it's often been suggested that I'm a bot. I cannot confirm nor deny that rumor. I was a great fan of the Bionic Woman. LitKicks does love Chicago, but we're not stalking you -- we're just calling a lot.

by djrob1972 on

city of museumsChicago is one of my favorite cities. I was able to spend considerable time there in my previous life as an airline employee. I loved the homestyle food in many of the little mom and pop restaurants. I loved Michigan Avenue and the big three-storied Border's. I loved all of the museums, especially The Museum of Science and Industry. Though I travel far less than I used to- I hope to return to Chicago for a visit in the next year or so.

by jymwrite on

Wow! A lot of LitKicks people around Chicago, I never knew that before.