Sacre Bleu! Literary Mischief Abounds in France

French News
It's bad enough that the French government has placed France's major literary awards under tough scrutiny, but now we hear that the chief curator of the country's national library is under investigation for allegedly stealing numerous valuable manuscripts and artifacts. This is apparently only one of several inquiries into theft at the library, where it was recently reported that over 30,000 items have gone missing. That'll teach them to mess with le Google ...
5 Responses to "Sacre Bleu! Literary Mischief Abounds in France"

by jamelah on

but i am le tiredIt's true. Regardless of all that, I hear that it'll all be okay, because Tom Hanks Robert Langdon is on le case.No, really.

by Billectric on

This has all the makings ofa new Dan Brown novel!

by Billectric on

Hey, you beat me to the punch with that Robert Langdon comment. Not fair - I'm telling Levi.

by Billectric on

but seriously...This leads to a lot of questions. Are any manuscripts and artifacts safe? Which is more important, the words our forefathers wrote, stored in a computer, or the actual paper they were written on? Most people would say, "the words." Then you have to ask, if we copy all the words onto other formats, and then lose the original papers, who's to say we haven't changed something along the way? And here's one for you: What if some of our historical artifacts were stolen years ago and replaced by fakes, but no one knows? Except maybe the currator knows, but he's not saying. Either because he was in on it, or because he is afraid the knowledge would shake the people up too badly. The year: 2097. The authenticity of Dan Brown's autograph, enshrined next to the Kerouac scroll, has come into question. Can this have any connection with the benzedrine inhailer containing Ginsberg's DNA, which has recently come up missing from the Beat Collection? And if something is missing, how can it "come up"? Langstom's grandson is called in. Reluctantly, he begins a search that will carry him pretty much all over Google and half of Encarta, where he meets a mysterious young lady who, to his amazement, could actually be a distant relative of the original LitKicks Chief of Ninja Operations?

by jymwrite on

The situation you describe really is a good starting point for a plot.