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1. After interviewing Philip Roth, James Marcus turned a culturally significant Roth utterance into an audio dance track (via Moby Lives).

2. Sarah Weinman unearths another writer in the Singer family, Hinde Esther Singer.

3. Kenyon Review: "What happens when a poet’s own name is invoked in a poem of her own making?"

4. Adira Amram of the wonderful musical Amram family has released her first record. Looking forward to hearing this!

5. McNally Jackson bookstore in Manhattan now has an Espresso Book Machine. As we pointed out before, Espressos are cool.

6. One interesting thing about this Persepolis fan-fic about the Iran elections, originating in Shanghai, is how well it captures Marjane Satrapi's style.

7. It's an old formula, this "post some ridiculous emails you've received about your blog" blog post. And yet, it's still fun.

8. Michael Jackson read books. Good for him.

9. I'm glad that Bill Ayers has the courage to publish a book, a graphic memoir. Maybe it'll come out on the same day as Dick Cheney's.

10. Once upon a time, Literary Kicks was a website devoted to the Beat Generation. I know some of my early readers wish I had stuck with and perfected that formula, and if I had, maybe Peter Hale's The Allen Ginsberg Project is what this site would have been like. Hale, who works closely with the Allen Ginsberg estate, has been putting high quality stuff up -- rare Kerouac videos, beautiful images, surprising texts, with a wide range of coverage and a friendly touch -- week after week. If you're into modern-era experimental/alternative literature, you might want to follow this site.

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by Christine on

Thanks for the link! And yes, I do find those email posts still fun -- because the emails, they are still bonkers. And how could I not share?

by mike on

nice format top ten weekly links

that was kinda my latest failed web idea :

directory subscriptions (only monthly)

Looks like Jacko and Bill Gates have the same size library about 200 books per year of living

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