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Some of you have seen my wife Caryn's amazing work as a photographer before. She has a taste for surprise and a sharp sense of humor (and if you ever saw a good photo of me on Litkicks, she probably took it). Caryn's participated in some creative community projects on Flickr and elsewhere, and apparently the latest meme in online photography is to do a "365" -- to take an artistic photograph of yourself every day for a year.

It's brightened my year so far to look forward to a unique expression of Caryn's imagination and feelings every day this year (and living here gives me no extra access -- I never know what's going up until it's there). After a month of general self-portraits in January, she spent February on an alphabetical journey, then interpreted songs (Poker Face, Tangled Up In Blue) in March. April is National Poetry Month, so I can finally share with you a literary theme. Here's where you can watch the whole thing unfold during 2010: enjoy!

4 Responses to "Picture Book"

Nice. For color, composition, and whimsy, these come close to the work of the formidable Jamelah Earle.

by Steve Plonk on

Interesting family pics. Eager to see what you are getting
during poetry month, etc. Keep smiling!

by Dan on

The pic with her holding a mop is memorable.

What a darling woman. I feel like I have a new friend in the world!

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