Oedipus on the Beach

There are iambs to be found, and even some pentameter, in Edward Champion's verse updating of a Sophocles classic, inspired by a recent news story. Click on the "hot pink tank top" link within the verses to make sense of it all.

Regarding the verses: pretty good work. Regarding the story: damn ...
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by firecracker on


by Billectric on

What a hootEdward Champion did a great job on the verse.It's all pretty funny except the part about the dad, which is kind of a downer.Reminds me of the time I won a bid on eBay, only to discover my grandma was selling the Steely Dan item and it wasn't music.Not really.

by deminizer on

oh, Mama....Arright....that was worthy...Except I feel dirty & letchy all over...oh, wait, that's a good thing...Can I have the Iliad in hypertext now?