Fleeting Tweets From Joyce Carol Oates

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What a sweet surprise! The calescent American novelist Joyce Carol Oates has taken to twittering between novels, and she's awfully good at it.

"A tweet is a synaptic leap with no neuron awaiting", she wrote on October 18, preceded by this: "Consciousness is most tolerable when semi-, quasi-, or un-." She seems to be aiming for a fast connection to her readers, and is clearly enjoying the freedom the new medium gives her. She's also not above telling stories about her cats or her campus adventures at Princeton. Joyce Carol Oates, who Litkicks still thinks ought to be in the movies, because she's so magnetic, has also recently found the time to edit a new Oxford University Press anthology, The Oxford Book of American Short Stories, featuring some well-worn classics along with newer names like Lorrie Moore, Pinckney Benedict, Junot Diaz.

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She is by far, my favorite female writer. She goes in the deep darkness of the soul more often and with more intensity than anybody else.

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