In Transit

LitKicks is moving to a new software platform. Because our old server was having a lot of trouble keeping up with demand, we were forced to begin this transition before the new site was complete. We will be reassembling the entire site over the next few weeks, and offering some exciting improvements when we do -- please be patient and don't give up on us!
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I noticed that the posting system was getting a bit glitchy, especially in Action Poetry. Good luck, and if you need any help let us know.

by marydell on

Good luck with the transition, Levi.

by Levi Asher on

Hi everybody -- thanks for your patience. The new site is live but needs a lot of work. I'll be bringing back Action Poetry (this will happen in a few stages) and restoring our poetry archive. The categorization structure is a bit of a mess, the design is only half-finished and will be changing, and older pages ("The Quest", "October Earth", "24 Hour Poetry Party", etc.) will be restored (nothing is ever lost here on LitKicks).

On the positive side -- you can now comment on LitKicks posts without being a registered member! I've long wanted to allow traditional-style blog comments here, and now this works -- try it!

Most importantly, though, the site should stop crashing and dying at moments of high traffic. That is the key improvement, and I hope you'll find that it makes a difference.

by ed on

Fantastic, sir. I can leave comments here a lot easier with WP than the other software you were running. Good times are in store, sir. Good times. :)

by JTParreira on

Good Luck! I will wait the better!

by Andeh on

We'll stay ever faithful, through the changes. I like the ability to "search" the site. That's nice.

by craig on

as far as the poetry page goes, one thing i always
thougt was odd about the timing,and also editing
is if you take awhile you have to log in again
and back track to post the poem, as far as the editing the way the software does this, makes it
kind of difficult to get the lines the way you
want them, in other words if say you have a comma
it will make the lines too long, so you have to
keep tring to change it to get it the way you allow it, or want it.And you can't go back later and fix it.

i know there are other ways to do this, because i have posted poetry for years on another site, and it was easier to make changes.I understand that on that
particular site, the site itself was more about the function then the content.I mean that the site was more about the owner showing his skills as
a web site bulider.So if litkicks is more about content then fancy web skills then its fine with me that its a little more difficult.Also the owner of that other site really did not interact with the people so much except to post links or tell about the latest upgrades.And that site's purpose was really not literature as such
but a lot of people did post poetry, anyway.

I personaly am not a techie, my computer skills are minamal, as my writing has improved since
a got my first computer, i still recall the days of writing with a pen on a scrap of paper, or
hunting and pecking on an old second hand typewriter.

my last post on this board, i was asked to "format" my post.I really did not know exactly
how to do that, except to go back and try to rewrite it?

as far as i can tell no other sites really hold up
the banner like litkicks does, and obviously the face of it changes, yet the urge and need to write


by Jaimef on

Literary Kicks ass!!!!

by Duncan Brown on

No one misses you 'til 'King Creole'
An' thats a triple gone world
One wasn't in it for the money
Saint Annie doesn't need the cash
Two wasn't for the exhibitionism
The executioner's face, ya know
Three's all dolled up on Saturday night
We heard a wonderfully vicious romour
That the Angel of the Revelation
Was selling blue suede bootlegs at the door
Because Elvis has entered the buildlin
An every one kicked lit on the dance floor
My,my my said the spider to the fly guy
As come backs go, that's a Resurrection
Ah sure do hope you bought a ticket for the show.

by dlt on